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Photo by: Venture North Media

Photo by: Venture North Media 

Hi! I'm Melanie, the face behind the camera. I love capturing timeless portraits and creating a whole love story for you to cherish forever. I have a passion for capturing couples and their love stories. Seeing families coming together to celebrate the love two people share brings me such happiness. 


What makes me different? 

- I edit all photos individually. No presets or group edits! 

- I'm very open and honest. I try my best to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera. Being open and having a very positive attitude is one way I can make you feel comfortable during your special day. 

- I use humor to distract awkwardness. Yes, I am very professional, but we can still laugh and have a great time while doing so. I love to make people laugh! Humor is a great way of making things less awkward and just lets us be more comfortable around each other. 

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